Good Health = Good News

Today I received fantastic news- I’m healthy.

I had blood work done last week and, though I didn’t expect anything unusual, I was unbelievably nervous and anxious to get the results. I can’t say why I was anxious. There really was no reason to be.

Something about having blood work done brought out the school age test taker in me. For days I thought, “I hope I did okay. Why does it take so long to get the test back?” As if my body has been hiding some cruel disease from me and this test was going to make it magically appear. Yet, modern medicine tends to bring out surprises from time to time.

I’m not a hypochondriac. I don’t panic when I feel less than optimal. So why is it that a simple blood work-up makes me worry that my appendages might spontaneously fall off or that I will have infected everyone I’ve talked to this month with some rare airborne disease?

Fortunately all of my fears were quelled when I received the phone call that said, “everything came out normal.”

With the stock of good news, I found that I wasn’t bothered by washing the dishes. Folding laundry didn’t seem as much of a burden. I plowed right through my work without a moment’s frustration.

Positive news, no matter how mundane, can really change your outlook. After all, isn’t good health the best news you can get?