About Life After Web
It’s about living in a time where the lines between the Internet and real life are blurred. It’s about maintaining your positive human traits like kindness and serenity. It’s about building an online presence that complements your reality, rather than replacing it. It’s about finding random inspiration in a hectic world where the paradox of “virtual reality” has become an everyday term. Readers are welcomed to share their anecdotes and inspirations either in the comments area or by email. 

About Sherri
Following the convention of cocktail parties, most bio pages start out by answering the question, “so, what do you do?” Not wanting to break tradition, I will say that I am web producer and technical writer. Normally there is some extra fluff here about what a glamorous job it is and a diatribe of greatest accomplishments, which are then “concluded” with academic achievement. All of that would only give you one view of me, whereas you could learn volumes from random tidbits. Here is an abridged list:

  • I like to write. I keep journals. I like notebooks.
  • I like to read. My favorite childhood book is Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!
  • I am on a continual quest for personal development.
  • I am filled with questions about life.
  • I like art museums and the fine art of dance.
  • I spend too much time on my computer.
  • I miss Calvin & Hobbes.
  • I like family, even if they are sometimes crazy. :)
  • The only emoticons I like are :) and ;) and the occasional :-P
  • I would be content never watching television.
  • I am selfish.
  • Paradoxically, I am also generous.
  • Clutter stresses me out.
  • I learned the joy of comic books at age 29. I don’t like that the modern day Catwoman wears goggles.
  • I love architecture. I’m impressed by what was built hundreds of years ago that we have been unable to duplicate with our modern machinery.
  • I would like to ride in a hot air balloon someday (I think).
  • I like lists.

If you are still longing for the typical grand finale, I have a degree in English from Arizona State.

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