Photo Shoot Fun

When it comes to photography, often my favorite shots are the unexpected ones that present themselves when you’re not expecting it.

Yesterday I decided to photograph my Thirty-One bags to share with people who are geographically distant from me as I launch this new business.

I had some time and the sun was casting a bright glow in my home office, so I found a cream colored sheet and make-shifted a photo studio. I played around with various items and groupings and soon I was on a roll getting nice shots like these…

Cinch Sac

Demi Purse and Silk Scarf

Not too shabby. So off I went photographing different bags, blankets, purses, and totes and then this happened…

Romeo pouncing next to Thermal Totes

That is Romeo. He is pouncing on something. Or nothing. He’s a cat. He does that kind of thing. And he’s not ashamed about it. I think he rather liked the spotlight.

Romeo still sitting with the thermal totes

He soon moved along and I returned to my photo shoot. And then this happened…

My hubby taking his turn in the spotlight

Oh dear.

My hubby... still enjoying his turn in the spotlight

You don’t fight these things. You just keep snapping pictures. Even when the cat returns again. Photographic gems often turn up when you least expect them.


In the end I managed to complete my photo shoot and put together this collage…

Not to mention I got some great shots of my husband and feline friend. All in a day’s work.

You can check out my Thirty-One business here: Shop online or contact me to find out how to host an online catalog party and earn free stuff and discounts.


Happy Friday: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Look at all the happy I found this week, even amidst my own grumbliness. It makes me want to cheer.

Jamie sent us Happy Book participants on a photo scavenger hunt for things that depict the following words: circle, tree, smile, sparkle, heart, clean, treasure, red, fresh, sky, yum, toes, morning, and home.

These were my finds:

The circles were left behind after I moved potted grape vines to their new in-ground location by an arbor my husband has been building this summer.

The tree is a waist high oak that started a year ago from the tiniest, most pathetic looking stick I’ve ever seen. We weren’t sure it would survive, but it’s been growing strong.

Smile felt like a self-portrait was in order. I almost used my growing belly as circle, too!

Sparkle comes from my magic wand, given to me by an old colleague who thought it might help me solve all those “need it yesterday” requests.

Yesterday I opened the windows and let the breeze air out our home, so the blowing curtains represent clean.

At the zoo last weekend I was lucky to capture a photograph of a mama and baby giraffe sharing a moment together. This perfectly encompassed treasure in my mind.

Red and morning are represented by the hummingbird feeder on my deck. Each morning when I’m eating my breakfast, the hummingbirds are having theirs, too.

I doubled up again for fresh and yum after collecting produce from the local farmer’s market and grocery stores. Is there anything better than fruit in the summer?

The sky was a beautiful mix of cheerful blue and ominous gray yesterday as wind moved in and cooled the air.

And yes, those are my toes happily propped up enjoying a peaceful moment.

Our well-worn doormat in the shape of home plate is the first thing that greets us and our guests as we enter the house.

Last but not least, I drew the center picture a few weeks ago using pastels to show the love I feel for this new little bundle of happiness growing inside me. I gave him a big heart because, well, isn’t that what we all want for our children? Hopefully all this happiness is rubbing off on him.

Happy Friday everyone!


No words today. Just a photograph I took at a friend’s house over the weekend. Wishing you a calm, pleasant Tuesday.


Beautiful World in Photos

Bold by Sherri Martin-Hutchins
Bold by Sherri Martin-Hutchins

Have you noticed today’s date? 3/2/10. It’s like a countdown, but I’ll come back to that.

The world around us is beautiful. Sometimes we don’t notice because we are busy rushing from one thing to the next.

Over the past year I’ve been taking the time to notice. Photography helped me do that. I look at things to find the picture in them. Light will hit a tree in just a way that it appears heavenly.

I see these moments and think, “Wow! What a beautiful scene that is.” Only lately, when I find myself thinking that, I do my best to capture it in photographs. It’s fun to look back at those images and be reminded yet again about the wonders of our world.

I didn’t have a plan for my photographs. I just started collecting them for myself.

Now I’m sharing.

I’m not waiting until it’s “perfect.” I’m not fussing over exactly if and how this will work. Nor am I waiting until I have X number of photos uploaded. I’m trusting the universe and leaping. Right now. 3-2-1-0. (Promised I’d get back to the countdown, didn’t I?)

Some of my photographs are now on Imagekind, available for purchase. Unframed, framed, matted, on canvas, big, small, or even greeting cards. Imagekind has all sorts of customization that would be difficult for me to do alone.

Check it out and let me know what you think. You can view my gallery at I will continue to add to the gallery throughout the year.

May these photographs be reminders to slow down and take in the beauty around you. This is an amazing world. All you have to do is open your eyes.

Photography: Cat Drinking from Faucet

With today being a holiday, I am at home again with all of the snow still holding strong outside. It has been a great day to catch up on laundry, straighten up the bookcase, drop off library books, and go to the grocery store. Even better, it’s been a great day to play around a little. I did some writing and played with my camera for a bit.

This morning one of our cats, Romeo, was following his usual routine of requesting water from the faucet on the bath tub. I’m not sure what is so exciting about that particular faucet, but Romeo LOVES it.

I’ve been meaning to photograph him and never got around to it. This morning was the perfect time. The late morning sun was shining through the window above the tub, setting a cheerful mood.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat sniffing water from faucet

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat snubbing faucet

Finding Gold

In a Joy Rebel Mission Monday two weeks ago, Brandi challenged her readers to choose a color and then go out in the world to photograph things you find in that color.

I chose the color gold and headed to New York that Thursday toting my point-and-shoot camera. During my walk to the office I was keenly aware of how many gold things there were in the city: doors, signs, hydrants, lights. I’d never really noticed that before.

In just a few blocks, I took a dozen photos. A few of my favorites are in the collage below.

Because I was on a mission to seek out a color, I noticed things I hadn’t noticed in my two years of working in the city. I became more aware of details on the path I follow several times a week. It just goes to show that no matter how familiar you think something is, there is always something new to learn.

I plan on repeating this mission with other colors and in other places. Imagine all of the treasures this world is waiting for us to find.

Christmas Photos

Before Christmas is a long lost memory, here are some of my favorite photographs from the holidays. May we hold tight to Christmas spirit all year long.

Christmas ornament

Josie under the Christmas tree

Twinkling Christmas tree

The Night Before Christmas ornament with stockings in background

Red jingle bells

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