Photo Friday on a Saturday: Wind Chimes

I am a bit behind in posting the Friday photo this week. As much as I would like to say that it is Friday somewhere in this world, that just isn’t the case. So on with Photo Friday on a Saturday.

It is a gray morning so far here in New Jersey. The wind is no doubt ushering in some cold weather for the new week. It’s not all bad, though. My wind chimes are particularly cheerful going on about their business of bringing a melody to what otherwise might just be a harsh chill.

Happy Saturday!

Wind chimes in my front yard

Wind chimes in my front yard


“Gorgeous” Weather is Relative to Locale

I never thought I would be excited by 30 degree weather, but today that happened. After what lately has been a lot of 18-25 degree walks in to the office, I was thrilled to see the temperature was already up to 30 when I set out this morning. (When your walk is about a mile, weather makes a big difference in the commuting experience.)

Later in the day I went for another walk to pick up lunch. It was up to 48 degrees and I commented to my colleague how gorgeous it was outside. Gorgeous in this case meant I wore a light weight scarf and winter coat and was quite comfortable. No hat or gloves. No shivering. I could almost imagine spring on its way.

My colleague replied that he, too, had gorgeous weather. Of course, his was outside his Florida office where it was 74 degrees. This is probably a more universally accepted use of “gorgeous” than my experience. To each their own.

But then I think back to my Phoenix days. Gorgeous there meant anything lower than 90 (and definitely did NOT refer to anything 115+). In fact I found 90 degrees to be fairly pleasant in Phoenix, whereas in Jersey the same temperature is sweltering. (And yes, I know all about the humidity factor, but trust me, dry heat is what hits you when you open your oven door. Do you want to walk into that?)

Just thinking about that heat makes my heart (and all cool weather thoughts) go out to a friend who just moved to Cambodia. Of the weather she says,

it’s hot here; like don’t even bother to shower because you’ll be drenched in ten hot. and it’s only the mild season.

I certainly hope she doesn’t spontaneously combust! For all I know she may be longing for a breezy 100.

When you get down to it, gorgeous weather is relative to your locale and your state of mind. One guy’s 74 is another girl’s 48.

At least I know I’m not alone. Up in Boston @leximaven twittered that she was going outside to enjoy “some fresh 45-degree air.”

Here’s hoping that wherever you are, your weather is gorgeous. Whatever that means.

Photo Friday: Romeo’s Hideaway

At first glance you may be wondering why I am sharing a photograph of my vacuum cleaner. I will say that it is a good vacuum cleaner, in the sense that it does what I expect of it.

But no, what you should be looking at is the shelf stocked with blankets. They lay ready for snatching up to nestle in on the couch on these cold winter days.

And then there’s Romeo. One of our furry little family members decided that, yes, those blankets do look cozy. Right where they are, thank you.

Happy Friday!

Romeo disguises himself as a blanket

Romeo disguises himself as a blanket

Show Love To All This Valentine’s Day

Heart I drew in the snow

A message I left for my family

It’s Valentine’s Day, a commercial reminder to celebrate love.

I think, though, that it shouldn’t be just for sweethearts. It should also serve as a reminder to share love with all those you encounter. A hug to family, a call to a friend, a smile to strangers you pass, a scratch behind the furry ears of your four-legged adorer.

Little gestures of “I notice you” make others happy. And exuding love and kindness, makes you happier.

Today I challenge you to show love in simple and inspiring ways. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Why Cute is Cute

Do you ever wonder why people get so excited to watch videos of animals frolicking or babies laughing? YouTube has gained large audiences from “cute” videos.

Now, Popular Science has explained why cute gets us every time. Watch and learn. Yes, it’s okay to say, “awwww” during the lesson.

Photo Friday: Valentine’s Day Event

Last weekend I was at a charity event in my small New Jersey town. While there, I found a flyer posted for a Valentine’s Day event (one night early) happening tonight.

I won’t add a monologue to this post. I think the flyer says it all.

Simple Pleasures: Being the “Cool” Parent

When you are a parent, including “bonus” moms like me, being seen as cool by your kid induces a sort of rush, especially since those moments are often fleeting.

While driving with my stepson and his friend, I overheard their discussion on music. They were asking each other about songs they knew, singing lines here and there (a simple pleasure in itself- listening to kids sing), when one of them mentioned Madonna’s “4 Minutes” and they both sang the one line they know.

So I asked if they wanted to hear that song because I could plug in my iPod. The answer was a resounding, “YES!!!! You have that song?!?!” I obliged and they started mimicking the beat, singing at the top of their lungs, “only got 4 minutes to save the world,” (because again, that’s the only line they know).

As I was dropping off my stepson’s friend at his house, the next song in my playlist came up: “Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne. My stepson leaned toward the front seat and said, “you have this song, too? Sherri, how do you have all these good new songs?”

My reply, “I’m awesome like that.” For a few extra cool points, when we got home I helped him load those songs and a few others to his iPod.

Even in short bursts, I will take cool when I can get it. After all, he’ll be a teenager soon and I suspect my chances will only get slimmer.

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