Why I Freelance Now

A week and a half ago, I lost my job, albeit not unexpectedly. The company sold several divisions last year and my division was next on the block. Though I didn’t know my fate for certain until the deal was done, I knew that holding a corporate position was not a plus. After all, the buying company would likely have corporate roles covered already.

I found it difficult to put out resumes even as I awaited the final decision. I had just joined the company a little over a year before and had no intentions of leaving. The thought of searching and interviewing so soon again was enough to make me cringe.

After much deliberation I decided to view my pending job elimination as an opportunity to take a break from the usual grind. The thought of putting my fate in another company’s hands doesn’t have the same notion of security for me as it used to, so instead I turned to something I’ve always wanted to try: freelancing.

Freelancing lets me partake in multiple streams of revenue, which means if one job goes south, only a portion of my income is affected, rather than my entire income. Making up for a portion of my income sounds nicer than the alternative.

Freelancing also lets me pursue projects that I’m interested in, giving me control over which projects I take on. Additionally, I get to meet a lot of people in different types of roles and organizations.

Of course, there are also a few negatives, the first of which is it’s scary! Not having a steady paycheck means budgeting differently. Not having a boss means getting out there to find my own projects. Then there’s the issue of scouting out my own benefits. Ugh.

I’ve decided though, that for the moment, the positives outweigh the negatives. I have a few projects underway. If for some reason, freelancing doesn’t pan out for me longterm, I’ll just go back to hunting for a full-time job. In the meantime, I’ll relish in the excitement of a new opportunity.