Breakfast Adventures

I opened a new box of cereal this morning and found the customary toy sitting right on top (which should prevent my stepson-to-be from digging through the entire box): an “Adventure Spoon.”

Ooh. You’re intrigued- admit it. What makes an ordinary eating implement adventurous, you ask? It lights up. I don’t know why. If one were pausing for a bite while exploring the long buried caverns of an ancient temple, perhaps a little extra light comes in handy.


Project Management and Weddings

I am a week and a half away from my dream vacation to Italy, where I will marry my wonderful fiancé, then come home and marry him all over again in a celebration with family and friends. Meanwhile, we just lined up a friend to do our photography, we are still working to find the right caterer, we need to finalize the script for the ceremony, and all before we leave for Italy. No problem!

From that, you would probably never guess that I am a project manager by day. Flying by the seat of my pants, you say? You’re right. However, being a project manager is exactly what made me know I could plan a wedding in relatively short notice.

As a project manager, it’s a nice idea to think that everything will go smoothly, that you will be given enough time to properly complete the project, that everyone will stick to the timeline, that vendors will respond in a timely fashion, or that there will be no unexpected surprises. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes the deadline is moved up and there’s no changing it back. Sometimes the scope creeps, but it is for the greater good, so you roll with it. Sometimes you get side-swiped by a circumstance you never would have seen coming.

A wedding is no different. So, six weeks ago, when my fiance said he thought we should move our celebration from our sloped backyard to a new as-of-yet undetermined location, I spent the next few minutes panicking, then the next few days finding a beautiful vineyard for a shockingly-great price.

Two weeks ago, when caterer A came back with a proposal that didn’t match what I asked for at twice the amount I budgeted, rather than rehash everything I had already told them and wait another week for a new proposal, I announced “Next,” and moved on to caterer B. I have a timeline and a budget and I intend to meet both.

I can only imagine what will come up between now and the big day. A friend of mine laughs (now) about how her florist gave her entire flower order to someone that walked in off the street. When my friend’s family went to pick up her flowers, it was all gone. No bouquets, no boutonnieres, nothing. There was no plan for missing flowers. They simply had to adjust. A few hours and many phone calls later, their entire order had been reconstructed. Ideal? No. Accomplished? Yes.

I could have taken a month or two years to plan a great wedding for my fiancĂ© and me. The fact still remains, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. It will, however, always turn out.