Wishcasting: Winter Wish


Wishcasting badgeIt’s Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes and support others’ wishes. Today Jamie asks, “What is your winter wish?”

This one didn’t take me long actually. With my baby son due near the end of January, I wish for a smooth final month of pregnancy, an easy delivery, and a graceful entrance to motherhood. I wish to embrace our new addition, to continue to support and be supported by my husband and stepson, and to ensure I remember to make time for myself.

What is your winter wish?


While wishing it also seems appropriate to take a minute to reflect on what I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for the cheerfulness of Christmas decorations. For lights and trees and stockings and garland and wreaths. I am thankful for the time I will get to spend with my husband and stepson in the coming week and I am thankful to be fortunate enough to have my current big decision be what we will eat on Christmas day. We are truly blessed.


Wishcasting: Go Slow


Wishcasting badgeIt’s Wishcasting Wednesday again where Jamie Ridler invites us to cast our wishes and support others’ wishes. Today Jamie asks, “Where do you wish to go slow?”

This question stumped me. Go slow? I have a baby due in 8 weeks, in-laws still living in what is supposed to be the baby’s room, baby supply shopping to do, Christmas shopping to finish, gifts to ship across states, and Christmas decorations to put up. Meanwhile I’m getting bigger, slower, and less flexible by the day. Aaaaah!

So that is exactly where I wish to go slow. I know that my in-laws have a couple prospects for moving (this part I hope goes fast), so I am trying to trust that this will happen and the baby’s room will soon be vacant for us to clean, paint, assemble furniture, and prepare for our baby’s arrival. My husband hopes we can do that during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

I wish to slow down and enjoy the process of the holidays. I love decorating for Christmas and there is no rush. It’s only December 1st. There is plenty of time to slowly unpack and carefully place nutcrackers, garland, and ornaments in the coming weeks.

I have already wrapped a few gifts that I purchased early. I just received a shipment of gifts I ordered online, so I can leisurely wrap those over the next week and prepare them to ship to my friends and family. There is time. I can go slow and enjoy this over time, rather than needing to rush and get it all done in one day. And yes, I still have some gifts to figure out for my husband and stepson, but it will come to me if I slow down and lessen the pressure on myself to get it figured out and finished now, now, now.

I just need to remember that I started early so that I wouldn’t feel rushed. I can go slow with the remainder of my Christmas preparations. And honestly, no one will likely notice or care if it doesn’t all get done.

Slow. Deep breathe.


Yesterday I wrote about my desire to return to a practice of daily gratitudes. So here we go.

Today I am thankful that I did my Christmas cards early for the first time ever. They are stamped and ready to go. I am thankful for the ability to create photo books in iPhoto, for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and for my washer and dryer. (Seriously. It frees me up to do other things while my clothes are being washed. How smart is that?)

December Special

December 1/2 Price Offer

December 1/2 Price Offer

It’s a new month, so I have a new Thirty-One special to share!

During the month of December, for every $31 you spend, you can purchase one of the following items at half-price: flat iron case, hard case wallet, or mini on-the-go organizer. It’s a great way to get a little extra something for yourself or add to a holiday gift (for example, buy a purse and get the half price wallet to make it extra special).

See the December flyer for details, then start shopping at my Thirty-One site. You’ll find purses, organizing totes, weekend totes, baskets, and all sorts of gift-giving goodies. If you have any questions, email me at lifeafterweb at gmail dot com.

Wishcasting: Enjoy

Wishcasting badgeIn today’s Wishcasting Wednesday question, Jamie asks “What do you wish to enjoy?”

I wish to enjoy life. To find the joy in any given moment. To enjoy time spent with my family and friends. To notice the beauty in my surroundings. To take pride in what I am doing, even if today I am doing laundry.

Life is not just the spectacular moments or the tragic moments, rather it is all moments. I wish to enjoy life’s moments, big and small.


Wishcasting: Fly Free

Wishcasting badgeIt’s late as I write this. Before heading to bed though, I wanted write what I’ve been musing over with today’s Wishcasting Wednesday question. Jamie asks “What do you wish to fly free from?”

Constraints. My own preconceived notions. The fear they instill that prevents me from trying something new.

Why do I talk myself out of things? I’ll be excited about something then overthink it to death until it’s something that I can’t do, shouldn’t do, or aren’t capable of doing. And then I wonder why I find myself in the same place all the time. Who says I can’t, shouldn’t, or aren’t capable? Sadly, the answer is usually me.

Not today. Today I’m moving forward with something I’ve been thinking about. I’m selling the beautiful, functional, so-perfect-for-organizing products at Thirty-One. It’s direct sales, a concept that frightens me to no end. It sounds so icky and my inner gremlins question what business I have being a saleswoman. But I love their stuff and I want to try being a consultant.

After lots of “this would be fun… but no, I couldn’t possibly… but maybe I could… yeah, right (scoff)… but what if I suck at it…” banter, I weighed the pros and cons and decided there is very little risk to me. Besides if it turns out not to be fulfilling, I can choose to end this adventure.

Did you catch that? This is my adventure. I decide when it starts and when it ends.
There are no rules saying I must forever continue everything I ever do. I want to free myself of these so-called rules and free myself to try whatever interests me.

No guilt. No obligation. Just me catching the wind and learning to spread my wings.

You can visit my new Thirty-One site at http://www.mythirtyone.com/sherrihutchins.

Wishcasting: Less

Wishcasting badgeOn this glorious Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks, “What do you for less of?”

I have so many answers to this, but they pretty much all condense down to three things: stress, negativity, clutter.

For me clutter is the easiest of these to reduce. I go through waves of massive declutter several times a year. No matter how much I get rid of, it seems I can find more to clear out soon after.

The stress and negativity are a little harder to tackle. It’s other people’s negativity that causes a lot of my stress, so those two kind of go together. I’d be fooling myself if I thought I was negativity free, though, so I also have to include myself in that.

Since I can’t change other people, the best I can do is try to avoid negativity in myself. Where other people’s negativity is concerned, I can make a concerted effort to change the subject or walk away.

As for stress, making quiet time to be alone, even for just 15 minutes each morning and night can make a world of difference. That’s why my wish last week was to begin a ritual that would help me do just that.

Jamie sure knows how to pose questions in a meaningful order! What do you wish for less of?

Wishcasting: Begin

Wishcasting badgeIt is Wishcasting Wednesday, a wonderful day when we can cast our wishes out in the world and support everyone else’s wishes with positive energy.

Today Jamie asks, “What do you wish to begin?”

I wish to begin a daily ritual, either in the morning or at night (or both!). Something quiet and calming to get myself in a good state of mind.

On Monday I started my day with tai chi which left me feeling peaceful, yet energetic- ready to take on the world. I haven’t done it since and I’m not sure why. It might be a good way to start each day.

Last night, I spent about 15 minutes washing my face and putting lotion all over. I felt clean, refreshed, and relaxed- ready to ease into bed.

Making one or both of these things a daily ritual seems like it would make my life richer and they’re really not that hard to do. Now the challenge becomes finding the dedication to keep these appointments with myself.

What do you wish to begin?

Wishcasting: Leap

Wishcasting badgeIt is Wishcasting Wednesday, a wonderful day when we can cast our wishes out in the world and support everyone else’s wishes with positive energy.

Today Jamie asks, “What leap do you wish to take?”

I wish to leap into the amazing world of fiction writing. Without fear, without pressure. I wish to leap into the process of crafting a story, arms and heart wide open ready to embrace characters and give them a safe space to grow and share their experiences.

If you missed it yesterday, I posted a little excerpt of something I wrote – A Night at the Pool.

I’m leaping already.

What leap do you wish to take?

Visit Jamie’s site to see what other people are wishing to have.

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