Good Food, Fun Art, and Words of Wisdom (all from a little tex-mex joint)

Finding decent Mexican food has been a challenge since leaving Arizona for New Jersey almost 7 years ago. Today I was excited to stumble across a hole-in-the-wall wonder called Tijuana Flats in the middle of a bland looking shopping center. I’m almost sad I haven’t encountered this little franchise before.

My lunch was delicious, but I was even more captivated by the decor. Visit the Tijuana Flats website for a taste of their bright comic book atmosphere.

A manifesto adorned one wall and all of the tables proclaiming their “anything goes approach to food, wall art, hot sauce & life in general.” Among their words of wisdom were these little gems (in no particular order)…

  • Embrace the strange & unexplained, if at first you don’t understand it, maybe you never will
  • Next time, order a chimichanga just because it’s fun to say
  • Lighten up or leave
  • Accept all kinds of people, even those that use mild sauce

I’m betting they’re right when they say, “we don’t like to brag, but there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing each other again.”

Tijuana Flats manifesto

Tijuana Flats manifesto


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