Finger Nail Polish

Like Ashley drawn in by spray paint cans, I am mesmerized by a box of new nail polishes.

Last weekend I went to a girls’ night at my friend’s apartment in Philadelphia. I didn’t know the other girls there, yet shortly after I walked in, one of them set nine new nail polishes in front of me. A gift from a stranger. So kind!

nail polish

So many fun and unusual colors!

Brilliant shades of blue, green, pink, orange, lavender, and the deepest, darkest purple I’ve ever seen. They were glorious. They dared me to let my inner butterfly emerge. We had a heated discussion in my head, those bottles and I.

Me: “Blue?”

Them: “Yes, blue.”

Me: “I couldn’t possibly.”

Them: “Oh, but you could.”

Me: “What would people think?”

Them: “Which people and why do we care what they think?”

Me: “Um…”

Them: “That’s what we thought. Don’t worry. We’ll be here when you’re ready.”

Flash forward to yesterday. I dressed for work and went to kiss my husband goodbye for the day. He asked why I wasn’t wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. I explained that the pants I had on (brown with a greenish-grayish tint) were the best I could do.

Him: “Don’t you have green nail polish? I know you’ve been dying for an excuse to go crazy with color.”

Me: “Yes. Yes, I do.”

I polished my nails in O-P-I’s “Jade is the New Black” while having my bowl of cereal.

And that, my friends, is reason number 2,372 of why I love my husband. He totally gets me in all my crazy colors.

green nail polish

Green for St. Patrick's Day


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