Mother’s Day Card Shopping

Picky, picky. Card labels are too specific.

Picky, picky. Card labels are too specific.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already bought your mother a card, you may want to head to the store fast. But be warned: it won’t be as easy as you think.

Finding the Mother’s Day section shouldn’t be difficult. It’s likely the first thing you’ll see upon entering the card store. After that it gets tricky. You can’t just buy a card for mom anymore. It has to be “to mom from son,” or “to mom from daughter,” or “from both,” or “from cat,” or “for any mom.” Why, oh why?

I stood in front of the Mother’s Day card section for a full 5 minutes before I located the “from daughter” selection (I think there were 3 “from daughter” cards to choose from).

So I wish you luck, but please don’t forget mom this year.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    […] read a plethora of complaints about selection of Mother’s Day greeting cards at stores. Like this woman who could only find 3 cards that were suitable. I also saw few people at a local Walgreens […]

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