Photo Friday: Graffiti

I love a good story and if inanimate objects could talk, this window would have lots of stories.

I took this photograph in Batsto, New Jersey where I spent Easter day with my husband, stepson, and in-laws. (I went a bit crazy with the camera actually. Expect to see more Batsto pictures in the coming weeks.)

This particular window is part of the gristmill built in 1828. Imagine what this window has seen and what it has revealed to those peering in at its treasures or out at its landscape.

I could have shared photographs of the buildings or the river or the pines. But of all the photographs I took that day, this is the one that captivates me most because it tells a story. The weather-beaten wood, cobwebs, carvings, and spray paint give a glimpse of the life that has passed through.

Happy Friday!

Window graffiti in Batsto, NJ

Window graffiti in Batsto, NJ


1 Comment

  1. brandi said,

    Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 10:18 am

    wow. compelling. you are absolutely right-definitely tells a story

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