Photo Friday: Store Window

Yesterday morning I had a three hour commute (up from the usual two). There were wire problems in the tunnel between NJ and NY. Wire problems meant only one track was available during the morning rush hour. One track meant I was on the train for a long time, after which I still had a brisk 1-mile walk in 16 degree weather.

So what happens when the commute is elongated? My iPhone becomes my entertainment. I started taking pictures of animal tracks in the snow, reflections in the window, the New York City skyline way off in the distance.

The photo I am sharing with you today, however, was snapped in NY Penn Station upon my arrival. This is a store window that never ceases to bring me a little smile because I think you could get stockings to match any possible ensemble, including some you probably shouldn’t be wearing.

Plus, the color conglomeration is cheerful. Even if it is on severed mannequin legs.

From What Happens When Sherri Has a 3 Hour Commute


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