Hire Alicia Please

So there’s this femme fatale named Alicia who is relocating to Boston. She is a friend of a friend whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting due to locale. But since my friend speaks of Alicia both often and highly, when I had the chance to follow her on Twitter, I thought it a good opportunity to learn more about her.

Today, Alicia tweeted this: “Playing around and exploring Google analytics for www.hirealicia.com.” Since I work in the web world, I’m always interested to see how others promote themselves on the web. I followed the aptly named link.

After spending a few short minutes on her site, I absolutely can’t wait to meet her someday. Why? Because I can ascertain her personality from those pages and she is dynamite. This is a person I would jump to work with were I properly located. Unfortunately, Jersey is a bit far from her wishes of employment in Boston.

Getting back to the web discussion, there are lessons to be learned from Alicia’s site.

  • Know your audience and speak to them. Alicia’s audience is quite obviously potential employers. She speaks directly to the information they want and need to know: what she does, where she is located, what experience she has, who recommends her, and why she is the right person.
  • Don’t just tell what you do, show what you do. Is Alicia a good writer? You bet she is. She doesn’t just tell us she’s a talented writer, she proves it with standout prose. She shows examples of her work. She lets others help paint the full picture.
  • Share your personality. As any good employer can tell you, it’s not just the experience, but the person behind the experience and whether that person will mesh with the rest of the team. Alicia leaves no doubts about her passion, energy, and confidence. Her personality is right there in plain sight.

Alicia has nailed usability with a site that is purposeful, smart, and sassy. Now will somebody please hire Alicia?


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