I Never Thought I Would Find a Table Saw Interesting

There are many things that have come to be common place during my relatively short life which I never would have dreamed possible: laptop computers, cell phones, iPods (or more generically, mp3 players), and the Internet to name a few.

Carrying music with you, without carting around a zippered case of cassettes (yes, I said cassettes)? Calling home from an overnight trip without calling collect? What an upgrade from my teen years.

Imagine this: a table saw that recognizes the difference between a piece of wood and a human finger. As my grandma sometimes said, “who would have thunk it?”

Why is this so interesting to me? I have two reasons:

  1. When my husband was a teen, he had a mishap with a table saw in which he cut off all of his fingers on his left hand and part of his thumb. Thanks to great doctors he is more or less in tact these days. I mean, nine fingers are better than five, right?
  2. Consider the machination required to first recognize that something is amiss, then to stop a rapidly rotating saw blade and drop it out of the way before it does any harm. That is an impressive feat.

You can see this marvel in action in the video below. It was featured on a TV show called Time Warp on the Discovery channel. In case you haven’t heard of it, Time Warp is a fairly new show in which various activities are video taped with special high-definition slow motion cameras making for very clear slow motion imagery.

This saw may not be common place yet, but it is an incredible piece of machinery if you ask me. I, for one, never would have thunk it.


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