Locked Restrooms?

Lock on an office restroom door

Lock on an office restroom door

I borrowed work space from my husband’s small business today, perching at a vacant cubicle with my little laptop. Midway through the day, I asked him to show me where the restroom was. He led me through a short maze of hallways and pointed at a door with keypad on it. The door was locked.

Being that this was well within normal business hours and a number of other companies on the floor were operating as usual, I found this curious.

This particular restroom is on the second floor of an executive office building. There are no vagabonds wandering the halls, no Christmas shoppers passing by towing frantically dancing children in search of the nearest pit stop.

As near as I could tell, there wasn’t anything worthy of stealing inside the restroom, so I remain perplexed as to the reason for securing the facility. Suppose there were an emergency, how would one get in to check for people?

Lucky for me, a maintenance woman happened through and let me in. I have also been given the code for future visits, if needed.

Adding to the mystery, the men’s room apparently does not have a lock on it. Very curious indeed.


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  1. Lisa said,

    Friday, December 12, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Perhaps the lock is there because of. . .
    +Thrift: women use more toilet paper than men. And, since women are more likely than men to wash there hands after visiting the bathroom, they would use more paper towels as well.
    +Saftey: there may be a notorious peeping Tom on the premises
    +Time management: women tend to use the facilities more often then men. The lock is intended to discourage wasting the company’s time.
    +Inconsistancy: The builder forgot to put a lock on the men’s room.
    Just a few random thoughts.

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