"PLEASE DO NOT"My husband and I had a spontaneous date day while my stepson was at school today. Since I was taking the day off and he didn’t have any meetings until the afternoon, we decided to take a few hours to head outside to enjoy the fall weather.

We went to a beautiful garden that sits on the property of what used to be someone’s home and is now a professionally maintained garden open free to the public. It is a place we went to once when we were dating. Since then the relatively small garden has doubled in size with ponds, waterfalls, trees, flowers, ducks… all those things a garden should have.

As we made our way along a narrow path, we came across a sign that said, “PLEASE DO NOT” (shown at the beginning of this post). I assume there used to be a bottom half to the sign that explained what you were not supposed to do.

I liked the simplicity of this sign, though. It seemed to be an effective message for maintaining the garden. Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, please do not.

It can be applied in life to all those little devil on your shoulder thoughts as well. Please do not… procrastinate, poor another glass of wine, play hooky, feed the rabid squirrels. As Tanya Tucker said in one of her songs, “you don’t do it, baby, but you think about it.”

In this little garden it was a message of kindness. Show a little love. Keep the garden growing.


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  1. brandi said,

    Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    oh I love that sign…it gives ones pause to think of the myriad of meanings and directions it could provide. :-)

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