Wii Wins Fun Quotient

My stepson-to-be saved up his money to buy a Playstation 3. My fiancé told him that if he saved $150 of his own money, dad would pick up the rest. After earning and saving for months, the young one found the Wii more enticing (much to my fiance’s chagrin- no Blu Ray player, poor graphics!). We held off on purchasing for the past month while the PS3 vs. Wii decision was weighed from every possible angle. With the final decision resting on a ten-year-old, the Wii finally won out and we purchased it last week.

My fiancé had a hard time understanding why the Wii was more appealing. In his mind, the games are at such a low resolution, why not go for better graphics on the PS3? Grown boys tend to rank high definition right up there with their favorite sports team and mom’s homemade lasagna, don’t they?

For the kids, however, it isn’t always about the best graphics. Sometimes it is simply about the fun quotient. The Wii had more games that my stepson-to-be found appealing. I would imagine the silliness (as opposed to lifelike detail) and bright colors (rather than dark, true-to-life color) contribute to his preference.

Watching him enjoy games that some adults find lackluster takes me back to when I used to play video games with my dad on our old computer. We played Space Quest, Police Quest, King’s Quest, and so many others. Sure the later King’s Quest games grew to have nice graphics, but that didn’t make the first few any less fun. The first version was barely more than blocks of color on two-dimensional screen-by-screen land, yet it still had everything I looked for- exploration, riddles, puzzles to solve. So what if the prince was comprised of a yellow triangle on top of a peach circle on top of a red square? He had no fewer adventures.

The PS3 has many fans, I suspect amongst older boys (and boys at heart). I will vouche that the graphics are incredible. Playstation maintains itself as a top contender in the video game world. The Wii earns lots of credit for the fun quotient, though, and that is one characteristic not to be overlooked.


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