Future Green City Imagined on New Micro-site

The Future Mega CityRemember The Jetsons cartoon? You know that perky little family living in the future where flying cars and moving sidewalks made getting around so much faster? A place where getting ready for work meant being gently pushed on to a conveyer by your bed, then carried through the shower, dryer, and make up stations? In the opening credits you would see George Jetson dropping off each family member in a personal pod that carried them the rest of the way to their destination. How efficient.

Many people have envisioned the future, usually resulting in robots, silent mini-cars, or personal hovercrafts. What happens if you imagine the future through environmentally-conscious eyes? You get The Plan for Tomorrow’s Mega City, just launched by PopSci.com (the online presence for the magazine Popular Science).

This is a fun site to visit for several reasons. First, the imagery is quite inspiring. Take note of how detailed the tree trunk is on the right side. You can almost feel its texture. Second, consider the possibilities as you click through The Plan to see ideas on how to harness energy from wind, water, and walking. (Yes, I said walking.) Amuse yourself with the thought of renting a car like you do those luggage carts at airports- take one off the front of the stack and return it to the back when you are done.

The future may or may not unfold as shown on the mega city site. All I know is I am happy there are folks out there who are focused on finding new ways to support our life on this earth.


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