How do you sort your email?

How many email addresses do you have? I have many, each of which I use for different purposes. At times it seems almost excessive, but it works for me. With this method, I can check one type of email at a time without being distracted by others, thereby staying focused on the task at hand. I’m sure I could accomplish the same thing by filtering in to folders at one email address, though I think I would still be distracted.I use these emails:

  • Personal – strictly for friends and family
  • Business – for my day job
  • Personal business – for business opportunities and networking
  • Web stuff – for this blog and the other Web sites I maintain
  • Junk – for businesses or stores I patron

Sadly, there are even a few other email addresses, particularly for the sites I maintain, however, I forward all of those to the Web category.How do you sort your email? Do you collect at one address only or multiple addresses?


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