‘Tis Better to Give: How To Find A Charity

The giving season is upon us. With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas still ahead, you may be thinking about those less fortunate. Or maybe you’re just thinking about what to buy for the picky aunt who has everything though will still be offended if you don’t find her the perfect gift. I can’t really help you with this last one, but if you are thinking about how you can help those in need, go to Charity Navigator.

I discovered this site a couple of months ago while trying to learn about different charities to determine who does what, what types of donations they accept, and how they use their incoming dollars. Charity Navigator has rated more than 5,000 of America’s best known charities. Their focus is on the financial health of the organizations and also includes their mission statements, links to their websites, and an option for immediate online donations.

Have a charity in mind? Search for them in the database to learn what percentage of their expenses goes toward administrative fees, or how much their CEO takes in salary. Trying to find the right charity? You can search their database by cause or rating to find those that fit you best.

As for your aunt’s Christmas present, make a donation in her name to a charity she couldn’t snub her nose at.


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