Random Useless Fun- Dove’s Online Activities

magcover.jpgAimed at girls aged 11-16, Dove’s Web site has a Girls Only Interactive Self-Esteem Zone. As part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, this zone includes articles and activities designed to boost self-esteem in young girls.

Girls can try their hand at designing a magazine cover (mine is shown here), learn the truth behind clothing sizes (there are no real standards and if a woman fits in an article of clothing with a smaller than usual size on the tag, she is more likely to buy it), test their ability to spot a touched-up photograph, or learn how to manage their moods.

It’s a fun little stop on the Web and makes you feel better about yourself (or at the very least, more critical of those so-called “perfect” images).   I’m not perfect.  I am me.  And that is something no one else can be.


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