Optimus Prime Lends Voice to Marketing

Optimus Prime called my house this morning. He wanted to warn the boy that the Decepticons are headed to our state and my boyfriend may have joined forces with the dark side.

This clever marketing campaign is spreading the word that the Transformers movie is now released on DVD. A similar campaign ran when Snakes on a Plane was in the theaters. Samuel L. Jackson called me and, in true Sam style, urged me to drop everything and run to see “the best movie ever- it is that good.” (Ok, so I didn’t heed Sam’s direction, but the phone call was fun nonetheless.)

The appeal of these marketing campaigns is their reach. Once Optimus Prime called me, I immediately went to the Web site to have him call more of my friends and family. I guess this is what they call “viral marketing.” It spreads like a virus (though more fun than one) from one person to many.

To send a call from Optimus Prime, go to www.transformersmovie.com.

Did I mention that I’m easily amused?


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