Importance of Me Time

I’m writing this during my second weekly Sherri-time night. What is Sherri-time? It’s a glorious new routine where I spend a couple hours alone doing whatever I want to do.

Why am I doing this? (Aside from the “just plain fun” factor, that is.) It’s all part of my venture to slow down and simplify.

At 8 hours & a lunch, deb owen leaves this caution:

if you take that time to do whatever you do that rejuvenates and reinvigorates you on a consistent basis, it helps you retain your balance & sanity. if you … live a frantic paced life filling every moment with mindless activity no matter what. you’re gonna get a little screwy.

Where was that advice a couple months ago? Life gets out of hand sometimes. It may start with increased demands at work, bringing longer hours and lunch at your desk. Soon family demands at home become more plentiful. Then your extended family scolds you for not keeping in better contact. And (not that I mean to add to your stress), now come the holidays.

Rejuvenation time is essential to calming life. The trick is fitting it in. I’m using the boys online weekly game night as Sherri-time. No work allowed. No bills allowed. Only things I want to do. If that doesn’t work for you, here are some other ideas.

Use your commuting time. Rather than fill that long drive with phone calls, listen to a new album or even your own breathing. Or make a mental list of things you are grateful for today.

If you are blessed with a short commute, go the long way home. Visit a park. Walk in the freshly fallen leaves. And (no, I can’t resist) smell the roses.

Are you a morning person? Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. Use the extra time to sip a cup of tea on your porch. Even just a few quiet minutes a day can make a big difference in how you feel.

It’s not always easy, but making time for yourself is vital to your sanity, as well as your success. No one will give you the extra time; you have to take it.


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