Outpacing Myself

How did it get to be October? I feel like I missed summer and now I have to start planning for the holidays already.

When I was a kid, it seemed like adults were always complaining about how little time there was or how fast it went. Meanwhile, the minutes passed like hours. Now, I’m one of those adults. I understand why there always seems to be too little time.

With all of the demands placed on adults (work, commuting time, laundry, feeding the family, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.), it’s easy to feel like we’re missing out. I realized the other day that I don’t even know how to focus on just one thing anymore. I sneak my fun tasks in while doing the chores. It may be solving a crossword puzzle one word at a time while waiting for this to boil or that to need stirring again.

What’s worse, even if I settle myself to watch a television program (a rarity in and of itself), I feel like I should be doing something. I’ll pull out my laptop and work on some project or check my emails that have been piling up for the past week. Very rarely is there just a quiet moment. My family wanted to watch a movie over the weekend and I thought, oh my goodness, that’s 2 hours of sitting still. Something seems seriously wrong with that.

Now here’s the sad part… it’s my fault. I figured out all kinds of nifty ways to do something while doing something else. I figured out how to sneak fun in to boring. I figured out how to balance a conversation with a mundane task. I realized all the things I can accomplish during that drive home.

I’m sure I could fix this if I really tried. I’m sure I could turn off the computer for an entire evening (gasp!)… well maybe. I could focus on the phone conversation while just sitting (or pacing, then it’s like getting your exercise in, right?). There I go again.

Is there hope or is this the world we live in now?


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