Radio Ad for Lasik Leaves Me Unsettled

I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday for Lasik eye surgery with a special deal running. If you and a friend schedule your procedures on the same day, one of them is free.

Buy one get one free Lasik eye surgery.

Somehow this seems wrong to me. This is eye surgery. Things cutting and splicing your eyeball. A procedure that makes me really thankful for good vision. This is not a clearance product like leftover summer T-shirts. If I need a medical procedure done to my eye, I don’t want priced-to-move surgery, I want real surgery.

Are we actually this nonchalant about the health of our eyes? In a place where multi-hundred dollar purses are becoming the norm, Lasik is striking a deal to entice new customers. How eye-opening.


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  1. Monday, November 30, 2009 at 2:52 am

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