Random Useless Fun- Your Superhero Profile

Mondays are tough. I know what you’re thinking: thanks for stating the obvious. But you made it through and to bring a little more excitement to the least desirable day of the week, I give you Random Useless Fun Monday. Enjoy!

I admit it. I have been drawn in to the crazy that is Who Wants to be a Superhero? Grown adults running around in made up costumes to save the day under the guise of a self-created superhero identity. What more could you want out of a TV show?

For those of you that haven’t watched it (that’s probably most of you), contestants are whittled down each week to find the next superhero to be featured in a Stan Lee comic book. However, their missions are not always as they seem.

Basura was forced to leave after she failed to take interest in a woman who needed help finding her lost 10-year-old daughter. The prospective superhero told the frantic mother, “this is really hard, I’m in the middle of a mission.” How heroic. Unfortunately for Basura, this was a test. Oops. Obviously, she failed.

Since I’m not willing to don tights and a glitzy cape in the name of reality showbiz, I took an easier road. With a little assistance from BlogThings, I present you with my very own superhero identity. By the way, it’s Ms. Commander Blaze to you. Now, where did I park my super-sled?

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Commander Blaze
Your Superpower is Technology
Your Weakness is Alcohol
Your Weapon is Your Gravity Foam
Your Mode of Transportation is Sled

What’s your Superhero Name?


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