Narrow Your Focus on Nature

Farrell’s Sunflower on Bumble BeeI simply had to share the link to a stunning photo that Farrell Kramer captured of a bumble bee on a sunflower. The color, clarity, and perspective are absolutely amazing. While you’re there, peruse some of his other photos in his blog. He has quite a hidden talent. Well, not anymore, the secret’s out. Sorry, Farrell!

Nature is one of those things that often goes ignored. Every once in a while I’m struck by something I’ll see while driving or even walking around. I try to hold these memories in my head, but let’s face it, there’s a lot swirling around in there. I need to learn to start carrying a camera with me like Farrell, or Deb Owen (see her sunset post). Sometimes I remember to tote one along, but why not carry it everyday, just in case?

With all of our scientific advancements, the constant barrage of marketing along our streets, and the distracting lights and sounds of our technology, nature is still finding a way to just be. The narrow frame of a camera might be the perfect piece of technology to help us focus in on the more peaceful aspects of our surroundings.


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