Too much of a good thing is still too much

You’ll be seeing a few changes here in the coming weeks. As I’ve struggled to balance work, family, personal web projects, and life in general, I’ve decided to simplify.

I have been maintaining two blogs, Life After Web and On a lighter note…, and I love them both. The problem is, it’s too much. When I don’t have a new post, my guilt is compounded doubly. The time has come to consolidate.

After weighing the pros and cons of each blog, the software behind it, and my plans for the future, I’ve decided to stick with the URL used here, which is However, the title will change to Life After Web. After all, both sites are about life and the web. The two terms are rather intertwined for me, a web project manager.

I have imported all of my posts from the old Life After Web site, so you will see them in the archives here.

You may be wondering what you will find here with this shift. It’s about living in a time where the lines between the Internet and real life are blurred. It’s about maintaining your positive human traits like kindness and serenity. It’s about building an online presence that complements your reality, rather than replacing it. It’s about finding random inspiration in a hectic world. Where the paradox of “virtual reality” has become an everyday term, this is Life After Web.


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