Shift Your Perspective

I’m looking out the window of my third floor hotel room at a rolling hill capped with tall, full trees.  The sun is casting a peach glow on the clouds as it descends in a pink and purple sky.  A pair of birds flutter into the distance, playing a graceful game of tag.

If I were to move my head two inches to the left, I’d be blinded by a flood light.  Two inches up and I ‘d be distracted by the traffic bustling by below.  In my little space, though, this window to the world emanates serenity. 

Isn’t perspective great?


1 Comment

  1. graytogrey said,

    Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Before we leave

    On Sancread Beacon it is all
    Rolling wet sky, burying
    Hill tops, hurrying
    Late gorse and heather
    Into black soil.

    Three buzzards rise and coil
    Beyond the tumuli
    Stirring the weather.

    He sits still with me,
    Damp nose to the wind,
    Anubis, my dog soul,
    Waiting for rain to fall.

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