Join a Social Network, Or Else

“If you don’t belong to some kind of social network, you soon may not belong anywhere.” So claims Daniel Tynan of US Airways magazine’s “Our Digital Life.”

Social networks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find one for almost any interest you have. Socializing online carries a number of conveneniences. Many networks involve leaving messages for others, which means you can squeeze it in whenever you have time. Chances are low that you’ll experience that so-what-do-we-talk-about-now awkward silence that often occurs when meeting new people in the real world. It’s a great way to have your questions answered, or learn how others have succeeded in a project you are currently facing.

Online social networks aren’t exactly new, they’ve just evolved. I agree with Tynan that they can be valuable resources, but don’t go just for the popularity factor, go for the experience.


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