Unwind during the drive home

The evening drive home from work can be one of the more frustrating parts of the day.  I find myself thinking, “I just want to be home already.” Sometimes though, a moment catches you and breaks the monotony.  For me, it is often seeing horses meander in the pasture along the stretch of two lane road. 

Deb Owen, however, reminded me to look up.  Last week in 8 hours and a lunch, she said, “on the way home, to my left i saw a rainbow. to my right, a sunset on fire.”  Rather than dismiss it, Deb did a very smart thing- she pulled over and photographed it.

All too often, we let the world pass us by while we think about how late it is, what to make for dinner, the laundry piling up, and the report that didn’t get finished.  With those thoughts occupying our minds, there is no room left to notice the skyline, the trees with fresh buds, or the perfect pitch thrown by a child in their own front yard.  Try as you may, you will not finish the laundry or that report while driving home, so give yourself a break.  Life is fleeting.  Notice it and appreciate it.


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