Welcome to On a lighter note…

Two things prompted the start of On a lighter note…:

  1. A comment left on my other blog, Life After Web, that says, “it gives me hope about the human race to think we all leap to the net just to see a Panda sneeze. People crave the warm and fuzzy.  And that’s a good thing.”
  2. A friend of mine who recently left her day job to pursue her dream to be an emergency foster caregiver for infants.

Life is very fast paced these days.  Not only is there little time to revel in the good aspects, we are also constantly reminded of all the bad- from the media, perpetual complainers, and frenzied drivers. 

 I created On a lighter note… to remind us all that life is good, human kindness still exists, and simple pleasures are moodlifting.  I encourage you to share your stories, anecdotes, small treasures, and simple pleasures.  This is not a site where the author spouts off, rather it is a retreat to de-stress, if only for a moment.  Life really is still here, outside the hustle and bustle.  Warm and fuzzy can still be found.  Tranquility, however fleeting, is soothing to the soul.  Welcome to On a lighter note… .

To start us off, here is the Panda sneezing video I mentioned.


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